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The S.J.U. Bookstore offers the complete collection of Dr. E. Arthur Winkler’s 160 self-healing hypnotic and subliminal CDs, and many of the books he wrote on the unlimited healing powers of the subconscious mind. Certified Hypnotherapy practitioners and trainers will find Dr. Winkler’s complete collection of highly sought after hypnotherapy scripts. Both Volume I and Volume II of the Hypnotic Inductions & Prescription Handbooks are available at the Bookstore. These materials represent decades of Dr. Winkler’s research with hypnosis in his pastoral counseling with over 35,000 clients. The Handbooks contain hundreds of pages of word-for-word hypnotic techniques that helped thousands of people to be healed from illness and disease. The first two or three pages of the S.J.U. catalog traces Dr. Winkler’s experience as a seminary student, when he discovered the principles of spiritual healing that enabled the inner mind to heal disease and relieve suffering. In the pages that follow, people tell their own stories of how they were healed by systematically listening to one of Dr. Winkler’s CDs. Even though they might have been skeptical, the CDs worked, and they were completely healed. An order form is provided for your convenience. Click on the PDF for complete SJU Bookstore inventory.


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