About SJU



Founded in 1969 by Dr. E. Arthur Winkler, S.J.U. is a private, Christian distance learning university located in Temecula, California. Students benefit from programs that offer specialized curriculum with the convenience and flexibility of home-study.

S.J.U. is dedicated to the success of each student. Each program, including the High School Equivalency program, insures a one-on-one student faculty mentor relationship that encourages each student to maximize the benefits of their program.

S.J.U. promotes the philosophy of H.O.P.E. which refers to:

Helping who we can, when we can;
Opening doors of opportunity through quality education;
Positive thinking produces positive solutions;
Empowering students to fulfill their potential and prosper.

S.J.U. offers innovative educational and social solutions to our growing challenges, enriching the human spirit, thereby enabling our people to strengthen our families, our communities and our country.